Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.



October 2001

The Greater New Orleans Green Party opposes the efforts by Marc Morial and his machine to change our City Charter and seek a third term.

Term limits aren't just a limitation of time in office for one particular person. They are a limitation on how much power one person can have in a city. They ensure that no one person can become so powerful that citizens are helpless to participate in the democratic process. They ensure that no one person alters our government over time to serve his or her own personal ambitions.

Powerful, multiterm mayors are no longer public servants, but political bosses. Such mayors become increasingly able to win elections because of big financial contributions and political patronage, rather than through open and free democratic processes.

In this charter change campaign alone, Morial has raised $1.3 million, and still has $140,000 to staff his people at every polling place this Saturday and to run a blitz campaign this week in print, radio and TV. $1.3 million dollars. Imagine the extent of his control if we let him have another four years.

The most democratic system would place greatest power in the legislative branch -- the City Council -- and would establish a large council with councilmembers representing individual neighborhoods and serving single terms, so that as many citizens as possible can take their term representing their own neighborhood. In a truly democratic system the exective branch -- the mayor -- would carry out the will of the citizens, not dominate local politics.

We need to move in that direction, and bring power closer to the people and the neighborhoods. We must assert our right to a vibrant, dynamic democracy, free from autocratic control.

The Green Party stands with the people of New Orleans and urges a vote of "NO" on Proposition A.

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