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GNOGP: Minutes

GNOGP CC 2004-07-11
Minutes for Coordinating Committee Meeting of July 11, 2004

Attendees: Art, Cammie, Jason, Leenie, Bart, Alejandro

Alejandro reported on campus outreach.  Ideas for replenishing
literature supply were discussed.

Jason suggested the current name of the group is bureaucratic and
uninspiring and suggested the group consider a name change.

Leenie gave an elections report:

1. The Cobb/LaMarche campaign needs $500 and nine electors to be on the
presidential ballot in Louisiana.  The qualifying period is August 4-6.
$275 has been raised so far, with verbal commitments for the
remainder.  Jason suggested working through the GPL to find electors.

2. Leenie briefed the group on upcoming state and local races.  The
group decided that immediate efforts should be focused on drafting a
candidate for the Orleans Parish School Board.

The GPUS offers a media workshop.  This will be placed on the agenda
for the next general meeting.

The next general membership meeting will be Sunday, July 25th, at 5:00
PM, location TBA.  Jason will make a flyer and work on an agenda.
Alejandro suggested a slogan for the flyer: "Desperate for a Change?"

David Cobb could visit Louisiana for a half day sometime between July
26-30.  LaMarche can also visit at a later time.  The group discussed
the possibility of linking a visit to a voter registration drive or the
Charity hospital crisis.

House Bill 1605: Leenie has been encouraging calls to governor's
office.  If bill becomes law, could be a major focus of activity for

Bart presented the idea of endorsing both the Cobb and Nader campaigns.
The group discussed the idea and agreed that we should maintain a
spirit of openness toward working with the Nader campaign, but no
formal decision was made.

Leenie reported on the formation of the Southern Greens Network.  A
conference is tentatively planned for January, 2005, in Nashville, TN.
Bart will send e-mails of membership to Hugh Esco so they may be
invited to join list.

-- Bart Everson took these minutes

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