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GNOGP: Minutes

July 6, 2003, following general membership meeting

I think we agreed that we need to tighten up administratively if we're
going to take advantage of current interest in the GP/Independent
campaigns.  We can't grow unless we improve our basic organizational

Towards that end-- 

(1) MEETING PLACES:  Joe will secure meeting places for GNOGP membership
and CC meetings (Steve and Art will help if needed).  Membership meetings
are normally held on the 4th Sunday at 5pm; CC meetings on the 1st Sunday
at 7pm.    

(2) MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS AND AGENDAS:  Joe will announce meetings and
proposed agendas in a timely fashion on listserv.  He will also prepare
hard copies of proposed agenda for each meeting.

(3) MEMBERSHIP FORMS:  John K. and Joe will make sure that we have
membership forms at meetings and events.

(4) MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR:  Steve and Joe will help Jennette get started
in this crucial position.

(5) WORKSHOP SIGN-IN SHEET:  Art will give Joe the sign-in sheet from the
Dean Myerson workshop.

I think we also need to take care of the following--

(A) SIGN-IN SHEETS:  Who's responsible for having them at both GNOGP
meetings and public events?  Who gets them after meetings?  Membership
coordinator?  Secretary?  

	**FACILITATON:  Make sure general meetings end with designation of
facilitator and backup for next meeting.  
	**TIMEKEEPER:  Need time limits on agenda points and on speakers.
	**FLIPCHART:  Do we need one?

I think if we do these sorts of basic administrative tasks--and do them
consistently and well--we can make a small but important contribution to
building the GNOGP.

-- Art Carpenter

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