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GNOGP: Minutes

Here are the minutes for the Jan. 5 Coordinating Committee Meeting:


1. Next Green Kitchen to be held at noon on Sunday, Jan. 12, at
Joshua Scalf's home (3229 Banks).  The Green Kitchen is to be
held in conjunction with the MLK March Mobilization Event that
weekend. Call Josh at 821-9827 for details.

2. John Kearney was nominated for the position of tabling 
coordinator. This will be taken to a vote at the next membership

3. Brian Azcona dropped in to promote a Palestine Truth Tour,
scheduled for Jan 13, 5 PM, at Zeitgeist Arts Center. This FREE event will
include firsthand reports from Palestine and a film by Big Noise Tactical.

4. John Clark announced that GEO (Grassroots Economic
Organizing) will be making a presentation April 2 on Loyola's


1. MLK Day Protest Mobilization Event at Neutral Ground
We need help with publicity through flyering and phone calls. 
Those who want to volunteer, call Steve at 486-5134. Also, GP 
members who want to help with tabling for the Green Party 
during the event are encouraged to volunteer. Beautifully 
designed flyers are also available at

2. January 10 Protest, Noon, Federal Bldng at Loyola and Girod
This event is in response to the mistreatment of immigrants from
targeted countries as part of the war on terrorism. 

3. January 20 Martin Luther King, Jr, Day March
This march is held yearly on the MLK Day holiday.  This year,
Greens and anti-war activists will meet at Poland and St. 
Claude to speak out against the war in Iraq and other racist 
policies of our current administration. Jason Neville suggested
that we reach out to communities of color who are against the 
war, especially in the lower 9th ward where the march begins. 
Anyone interested in outreach should contact Jason at 
945-2835 or

4. Roe v. Wade 30th Anniversary Events
Joe Wagner, who is coordinating our sponsorship of these events,
needs help with tabling at the rally and with leafleting, 
especially around the universities. Flyers will be available 
Jan. 7. Contact Joe at or 834-6656 to help.

5. Tabling Materials
Anyone with current flyers or newsletters that they want to see
on the GNOGP table at events is encouraged to submit them to 
John Kearney ( or 231-3529).
Things that will always be on the table:
membership form and brochure (plenty of copies)
national newsletter
contact list
up-to-date position papers on issues

6. Renee Gill Pratt recall campaign
This is an effort undertaken by people from various parts of
society to recall Councilwoman Pratt. Right now, the campaign is gathering
money to have a big fundraiser, which will fund the
gathering of 15,000 signatures from voters in district B. Those
interested in volunteering should contact Jason at 945-2835 or

7. Sustainable Transit Committee
New developments in the fight for healthy public transit include
the plans to improve the end of the streetcar line at claiborne
and carrollton with restrooms, a shelter and bus schedules,
even a coffeeshop!
The committee reached half its goal of 1000 signatures on its 
petition to get shelters and schedules at major bus stops. 
Right now they are developing an 8-point plan to improve 
transit in New Orleans.

8. Green Party of Louisiana meeting: January 25, Alexandria.
After the GPL applied for GPUS approval, the GPUS responded with concerns
about diversity. Jason suggested to them that they
approve our application with conditions that we make changes to
our constitution and bylaws to address these concerns.

9. Monthly Position Statements
It was suggested that we produce a monthly (or bi-weekly) 
brief statement about the GNOGP's position on a current issue.
John Clark, as education coordinator, will assist those writing
the statements.  This month's paper about reproductive 
rights will be written by Joe Wagner, who is coordinating our
sponsorship of the Roe v. Wade events. The position papers will 
be available on the web site, in the tabling materials, and 
maybe as a mailout (this will be discussed further at the next
membership meeting).

10. Monthly Mailer/Broadsheet
This idea was brought up at the last meeting. A working group was formed to
draft a first copy. Bassam Messaike and Cheryl 
Easton will be co-leaders of this group. John Kearney and Evelyn
Goss also volunteered.

11. Voicemail
Steve's suggestion that we get a phone number with voicemail
will be discussed at the next meeting.

12. Providing Contact Information to Other Groups
Although not on the agenda, this very important issue was 
discussed in reference to the Roe v. Wade event.  Several
motions were made to address the need to assure privacy to the 
members of our contact list while making it easy to advertise 
GNOGP-sponsored events. THis will be decided upon at the next 
membership meeting. Anyone concerned with privacy or who has 
a solution to this problem is encouraged to attend and give
their opinion.

Attending the Jan 5 Meeting were:
Art Carpenter
Bassam Messaike
Cheryl Easton
Jason Neville
John Kearney
Steve Godfrey
Evie Goss
Joe Wagner
Debbie McManus
Joshua Scalf
John Clark
Visitors: Brian Azcona, Vicki Marshall-Blair

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