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GNOGP: Minutes

Wednesday 24 April 2002
Meeting of the Coordinating Committee:
Art Carpenter 
Evelyn Goss
Heather Morgan
Mike Kaplan
Josh Scalf


1 - State party meeting; Alexandria
2 - May Day
3 - Outreach
4 - Green Quarterly
5 - Gary Wainewright
6 - Campaign
7 - Quorem



Art Carpenter discussed briefly the continued meeting
of Greens across the state to form a state party.  A
more detailed account was sent to the OrleansGreens
list.  Malik's status as New Orleans representative to
the state Green Party is still ambiguous and that
until he comes forward, New Orleans members will still
attend State Party gatherings.  What was also
discussed by the Coordinating Committee was New
Orleans as a host to the State Party convention this
summer.  All agreed that it was a good idea and that a
committee should be formed to organize the event.  Art
volunteered to be the first member to the committee.
The GNOGP office/warehouse and the Neutral Ground were
given as possible sites for the convention but the
office was then struck from the list.  The committee
will also have to arrange for different activities.  

2 - May Day, (1st of May)

Sponsored by the "N. O. May Day Organizing Committee"
also known to be the same constituents of Worker's
Democracy Network.  A rally will be held on 4650 Paris
Avenue in front of the U.T.N.O. for not taking action
against what is known as "Sheriff Foti's Youth
Prison."  The following requests have been made by the
committee: cancelation of the debt of the working
class and third world, recognition of May Day as a
paid legal holiday, the halt of privatization efforts
of the S&WB, and the end to all military aid to Israel
and Colombia.    


3 - Outreach

Art proposed that until an outreach coordinator is in
place that we maintain an outreach committee of
several people who will keep track of events on the
calendar (updates may be sent to Andrea) and provide a
list of calls to be made by volunteers on Saturday. 
Most of these calls will have to  The copy machine (in
need of toner!)is in the office to make flyers for
distribution at such events.    

Also to be done on Saturday in the form of outreach
upon the connection of the office computer to the
internet is an search of books and articles to be kept
in the office library for sale and for general
informational purposes.  

4 - Green Quarterly

The deadline for All Green Quarterly submissions is
MAY 15TH.  Leora calls for poetry, cartoons, recipes, 
reviews of movies, books, plays, etc.  These C.C.
members have promised the following contributions:

Evelyn:  a message from the membership coordinator
Josh:  a recipe
Mike: an article on the possible Green Party endorsed
Candidate for District Attorney, Gary Wainwright.
Art:  Development of a state party
Morgan: and article on the Israeli-Palestinian

For $600.00 we'll recieve 5,000 copies, which raises
the question of funds for this summer's edition. 
Looking at the state of the current account, major
fundraising will be necessary.      

5 - Gary Wainwright as GNOGP endorsed candidate for
District Attorney. 

A selection committee made of the CC members will
perform the following review of Gary, just as it was
done with the GP candidates for City council:
 - A list of questions to be made with the counsel of
a lawyer. Marc Gonzalez will  be consulted per Mike
Kaplan's request. 
 - Interview candidate
 - Discussion and Conclusion of CC members
 - Discussion and final approval at General Membership

6 - Campaign

Wal-Mart was chosen as the focused campaign.  An issue
of sustainable economics, the Green Party must take
into account the needs of the St. Thomas Residents as
voiced by the St. Thomas Resident's Council.  They
meet at Hope House.  For a brief synopsis, here's a
site that's kind of old and asks more questions than
it answers

We also talked about having a lawyer (Mike Gonzalez)
to draft a 5 cent refund law.  

7 - Quorum

A new quorem will have to be set to avoid previously
encountered problems with well, the lack of quorum. 
The CC identifies two categories of membership Active
and Inactive.  Active we defined as having attended
three meetings or other accepted Green party
activities including volunteering at the office within
the last three months.  Inactive members are those
members who have not participated in such activities. 

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