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GNOGP: Minutes

What a whirlwind of ideas the Coordinating Committee
circulated this Saturday!  

First Item on the agenda was of course Peace Fest.  We
set up a Tabling schedule and talked about
reimbursements for Sam Price, Andrea Garland, and well
as one other person for making flyers, organizing
bands, etc.  We quickly approved a brochure to churn
out for Peace Fest but keep in mind, only a prototype
that will need to be tweaked for future use.  I think
the total income for Peace Fest was around $300.00,
most likely a little less.  

Second Item on the agenda was an office wishlist, not
the office supply kind, but instead the "Help Wanted -
position to be filled" kind.  There exist several
objectives that the coordinating committee felt would
be best fulfilled by delegating responsibility to
members within the party who would then organize . 
The consensus was that by recognizing tasks germane to
these objectives and giving an outline of the roles
the position is to play, members will be empowered
enough to come forward.    

These Positions are:

This person keeps a watchful eye on the calendar of
events to ensure a Green Party presence at every
event.  Events may include for example festivals where
tabling is appropriate as well as regular functions
such as meetings for groups like ACORN or the Urban
Conservancy.  The necessity of this position lies in
the fact that the GNOGP can not be the guiding force
behind the many movements in this city.  These
movements have existed and will exist without us.  Our
greater goal as a political party is to unite the
individuals working for the ideals included in the
platform we endorse.  To do that, these people must be
aware that we exist and that we are indeed a viable
option, and we will be only if we unite our efforts
and votes.  

The state party rep. is a main source of communication
between the GNOGP and obviously, the state party.  Let
there be no mistake, the organizational rumblings
currently underway should be taken seriously.  Thus
far, Art Carpenter has been our man however I think
that the position may be open depending on whether he
still has the volition.

THe function of the speaker is to...well...speak.  THe
individuals who have chosen to be the GNOGP presence
in local groups will of course be the 'speaker' in
those groups.  It would be a major hindrance, in my
opinion, to have only one single person able to speak
on behalf of GNOGP values.  Aren't we all supposed to
do that?  However a person with a flair for public
speaking might be in order.  To tell the truth, I get
confused myself when i try to explain what the speaker
does, I think there's fine line between the position
of speaker and secretary and I fudge it every time I
try to explain it to myself.  At the next general
meeting, I propose Bart handle this.  

This position will only become fully functional most
likely much further down the road, but just so we may
start thinking about this role let's have it out now. 
The neighborhood coordinator, like the Outreach
Coordinator must also have a meticulously kept
calendar and good people skills.  The objective of
this person will become clearer as the GNOGP matures. 

The third item on the Agenda was the Membership
database.  Evelyn is absolutely swamped with names and
needs volunteers for phone trees.  CC members were in
consensus that it was a necessity to have this
database updated and now that Evelyn has a clear
agenda, be ready; she's a mover and a shaker who gets
things done.

The fourth item on the agenda was the convergence on
Washington, D.C. on April 20th.  Transportation for 15
has been secured.  Costs are estimated at $30.00 per
person which may decrease with a little subsidizing
from generous individuals.  Lodging is pending.  Food
is the responsiblity of the individual.  We will leave
Friday and return by Monday morning.  

Also discussed was the fact that the Green Party as
the fiber uniting progressives in this city, needs to
be a source of information.  A proposal was made to
make the website a source for national and local
political updates on as many key issues as we have the
resources.  Also, to this effect was the mention of a
"progressive phone book".  John Clark mentioned that
there was a website at one time.  What happened to

Well, those are the essentials.  

The next CC meeting will be called sometime after the
Washington Convergence.  

Those Present:
Evelyn Goss - 864-2074
Heather Morgan -
Joshua Scalf - 821-9827
Art Carpenter - Bart Everson -

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