Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes

Coordinating Committee Minutes (8.12.01) (Easy to read-- do so!!!)


Our last GNOGP Coordinating Committee meeting went very well.  Here is a 
list of the decisions and plans we made in easy-to-read format.  These 
minutes include any and all dissent or debate.  Please take the time to read 
this because some important and cool decisions were made!

Attendance: Art Carpenter, John Clark, Steve Godfrey, DJ Pate, Daisy
Bebert, Jason Neville, Tonya Jordan (via phone call)

-- Our Treasurer Art reported that our balance is about $750, which
includes $250 made from the Green Rally and the after-party @ Cafe

-- DJ will call warehouse/office owner Ron Fowler or Neil Guidry to work
out the final touches on our nearly-complete office

-- Tonya has been working on the GNOGP newsletter in Shreveport.  We
talked with her over the phone and ok'd the list of articles that she
has been compliling.  (passes without objections) She has spent $35 of
the $110 that we have given her.  The newsletter looks to be about 6

-- John will call his friend Andre who has expressed interest in running
for public office

-- Daisy was empowered to contact Antoinette Harrell-Miller to provide
group with information regarding Antoinette's possible campaign (passes
without objection)

-- Jason was elected to State Coordinating Committee as a GNGOP
representative, pending final approval from Membership (passes without

-- Jason and Steve were empowered to work on a labor outreach plan which
would ditribute information about the living wage ballot initiative and
voter registration forms to hotel/hospitality workers downtown (passes
without objection)

-- Acknowledging the need for a comprehensive Green Plan for New Orleans
in the upcoming elections, a group will begin meeting to create and
synthesize a platform for our GP.  A UNO Geaduate student Rachel who
some of you may know volunteered her advocacy plan to the GP for
guidance.  Her plan covers affordable housing and other Green issues of
concern.  John showed us some elements of the G/GPUSA platform and will
get together with Jason and others to get a plan together

- Our next CC meeting will be Sunday Aug 26, 7PM @ 125 Stallings (John's
office at Loyola)

- Our next General Meeting will be Sunday Sept 9, 7PM @ our new office
(7930 Palm St. behind Five Happiness in Mid-City).  At our 8/26 meeting,
DJ will report office status and based on that we might decide to make
the meeting a celebration of some kind to break in the new crib.

Here were some announcements made at the meeting:

- Tonya sent out pledge reminders
- movie series to begin in a few weeks
- Labor Mtg 8/13 at Tulane
- David Cobb has been in contact with Jason about affiliating 
  with GP of the US
- Malik Rahim and Antoinette Harrell-Miller have expressed interest 
  in joining the Coord. Comm.

thanks and peace,

Jason neville, GNOGP secretary

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