Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes

CC Meeting Minutes (5.13.01)

Here are the minutes of the Coordinating Committee meeting.

May 13, 2001

Facilitator: Katrin Redfern
Secretary: Jason Neville

Attendance: Antoinette Harrell-Miller, Steve Godfrey, Marty Rowland, Art
Carpenter, Robert Caldwell, Daniel Pate

I. Intros

II. Entergy Position

- group resolves to 1) support the demands of Citizens for Change and
Alliance  for affordable Energy, especially a Ratepayers Bill of Rights
(as submitted by CFC and AAE) and 2) to support long-term methods of
energy conservation including weatherization and renewable energy

III. French Quarter Recycling

Jason explains the contract that BFI has with the City and the
substandard recycling that currently exists.  Suggests contacting small
business owners and residents of French Quarter to demand that the new
contract (Sept 2001) provide more recycling pickups and larger bins. 
Jason will bring detailed proposal to next CC meeting.

IV. Citizens for Change Office Space

CFC is interested in sharing office space at 7930 Palm St. (warehouse). 
Could pay 1/2 rent.  Concerned about pivacy issues in a shared room. 
Would like to see the space this week; Jason agrees to meet with her.

V. Antoinette Harrell-Miller/ City Council

Antoinette had been considering running for City Council on the Green
ticket in Feb 2002.  She told the group Sunday that she won't run
because she is working on a geneology project tracing the path of her
ancestors along the Underground Railroad.

No meeting time/place for next meeting was established.  Antionette
Harrell-Miller and Morty Rowland joined the GNOGP.

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