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GNOGP: Minutes

GNOGP General Membership Meeting Minutes 12/7/03
I. Introductions and modification of agenda
II. Reports
Treasurer's Report (Art Carpenter): Balance stands at $1037.22.

Membership Report (Jennette Ginsburg): Distributed info on
facilitating meetings (booklet: "The Makings of a Good Meeting") to
all present.  Suggested that we conduct a workshop on facilitating
meetings.  Suggestion received favorably; workshop to be led by Jason
Neville sometime after the New Year.  Jennette also to create a year-
in-review doc to be mailed to membership.

Election Coordinator's Report (Kathleen Halbert): Leenie told us of
an event she recently attended (organized by Drew Chastain, who
writes for Where Y'at Magazine) whose topic of discussion was the
viability of third parties.  Leenie brought a Green Party perspective
into the discussion.  As a result, it is likely that a feature story
will be written on the GNOGP for publication in local magazine.

Discussion was also had on the effort to recall City Council
member Jackie Clarkson.  Jennette to attend recall org's meetings so
that GNOGP can coordinate with their efforts as needed.
Green Kitchen Report (Steve Godfrey): Last week's Green Kitchen
netted $16.  Food expense seen as a significant barrier to making
this a profitable venture.  Will use different format (e.g., potluck
dinner) in the future.

III. Old Business
March for Reproductive Rights sponsorship (Jennette): Motion to sign
on as cosponsor passed unanimously.  GNOGP will participate in
publicity efforts, but will do so without compromising the
confidentiality of its contact list.

IV. New Business
Educational event for March for Reproductive Choice: Julie Whitbeck
to confer with Christina Kucera to work on this event.

Approval of funds for ad in Safe and Free program: Motion to
authorize Jennette to spend up to $100 for this ad passed

V.  Announcements
The following events were announced and promoted via posting to
various email lists: Bill Gates, Sr. presentation opposing estate
tax; GNOGP ed event (Third Parties video); Luther Gray "Drumming for
Peace" Congo Square events; C3 Retreat.

V. Next meeting time/place, facilitator
General Membership to meet Jan 25 at Fair Grinds, Debbie McManus to
facilitate; Coord. Cmte. to meet Jan 11, location TBA, Jennette to


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