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GNOGP: Minutes

Minutes of GNOGP Membership Meeting, 2/23/03


1) CR South conference
2) Bring Back the Benches campaign
3) Treasurer's Report
4) Sustainable Transit Coalition to meet with City Planning Commission
5) Reproductive Rights position paper
6) Coalition for Educational Excellence
7) Neutral Ground Coffeehouse fundraiser
8) Post-invasion demo in Baton Rouge 
9) Contribution towards "Not in Our Name" ad
10) Involvement in other coalitions
11) GNOGP internship


. Critical Resistance South conference: Art Carpenter reminded us
of the upcoming CR South conference to be held on the weekend of 
April 4-6; he also distributed promotional materials for the 
conference.  More info:  

. Bring Back the Benches: Brad Ott spoke enthusiastically of the 
progress being made in this campaign, the current thrust of which is 
to have the dividers removed from Jackson Square benches.  The Vieux 
Carre commission will issue a statement on the matter on March
6th, and will render a final decision on March 20th.


. Treasurer: 
RECEIPTS: $294.00
EXPENSES: $105.00
BALANCE as of 2/22: $689.04 

. Sustainable Transit Coordinator: Jason Neville announced that 
Coalition for Sustainable Transit members will meet with City 
Planning Commission officials on Monday, March 10th at 1PM to discuss 
the bicycle aspect of the Campaign's "Five-Point Plan to
Improve Transportation in New Orleans."  Jason and Dar Wolnik, co-
coordinators of the campaign, are currently accepting comments on 
this aspect of their proposal, which includes plans for bicycle racks 
on all RTA buses, bike lanes, and bike parking.  Those interested in 
doing so may email for a copy of the proposal; also, 
the plan should be should shortly be posted online at 


. Reproductive rights position paper: A first draft of this paper
has been posted to the Files section of OrleansGreens and 
OrleansGreens-D email lists. Members are invited to provide input 
into the final draft of the paper.


.Coalition for Educational Excellence: Ray Rock and Ms. CC
Campbell-Rock of the Coalition for Educational Excellence (CEE) gave 
a presentation detailing their opposition to the LEAP test.  Mr. and 
Mrs. Rock assert that the LEAP test erects class and racial barriers 
to equal opportunity; they see abolition of the test as being of the 
utmost importance.  A motion was passed making the GNOGP a member of 
the Coalition.
      o	CEE upcoming events:  Ms. Campbell-Rock is a member of a 
state-empowered education subcommittee which is currently seeking 
representatives to draft recommendations for the Local Educational 
Governance Authority Task Force.  This subcommittee will meet on 
Saturday, March 8 at 1010 Common Street, 2nd floor conference room, 
from 9 AM to 1 PM.  (More information:  

. Neutral Ground Coffeehouse fundraiser: Motion passed to disburse 
$65 to Steve Godfrey for the promotion of this event.  Proceeds will 
be used to defray costs associated with March 31 CEE activism in 
Baton Rouge and participation in an upcoming educational conference 
in Birmingham.  

. Baton Rouge after-invasion march: Several weeks ago, LSU Greens 
proposed holding a demonstration in Baton Rouge on the Saturday after 
an invasion of Iraq which would draw Greens from all over the state.  
It was decided to hold off on committing to this action pending 
further information from LSU Greens about the status of the event.

. GNOGP contribution to "Not in Our Name" ad: Local
antiwar activists are taking up contributions to place an 
advertisement in Gambit Weekly.  Action on this item tabled until 
March 9 Coordinating Committee meeting. [For more information, see , or view a copy of the ad (in PDF format) at .]

. Involvement in other coalitions: Discussion of GNOGP involvement
in the January Coalition (reproductive rights) and the Fair Taxes for 
All coalition was tabled until the Mar 9 Coordinating Committee 
meeting.  Individuals interested in participating in reproductive 
rights and fair taxation committees are invited to contact the GNOGP 
Secretary at or at 237-5830. 

. GNOGP Internships: We recently received an email from a college 
student who is interested in interning for the GNOGP.  Jason Neville, 
Steve Godfrey, John Kearney, and Giulianna Cappelletti expressed 
interest in writing a job description for the internship.  Joe Wagner 
to relay more information to Coordinating Committee pending the 
student's reply.

. Next Meeting Time/Place agreed on, posted to calendar.


ATTENDANCE: Members (10); Visitors (1)

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