Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes


9 members, 3 visitors were in attendance


1) Fundraising Coordinator/saxophonist Josh Scalf
to be performing at Cafe Brasil on Saturday
February 8.

2) New member Lucy Tierney announces that Slidell
is to have an Environmental Awareness Day in March
or April.  Possible GNOGP, Northshore Greens
involvement to be considered.

3) Ben Gordon tells us that the Westbank People's
Institute met this Monday night.  The group is
composed of representatives from local activist
groups.  Ben represented Pax Christi and the GNOGP
at this meeting.

4) Critical Resistance South conference: CR South
is asking for volunteers to assist in promotion
and logistics of this event.  Volunteers needed to
assist in the following: (a) Outreach (phone
banking) (b) Housing (providing conference
attendees with a place to stay).  More info on
this to be shared via listserv.


Treasurer: Balance as of 1/25 is $500.  This
anomalously-high figure is due largely to two
factors: a) we don't currently have an office to
pay rent on; b) Evelyn Goss' efforts as Membership
Coordinator have yielded an increase in the number
of dues-paying members.  Art emphasizes the need
for members to make *regular pledges*, even if
only $5-10/month.

Membership Coordinator: Evelyn to formulate a
proposal for the purchase of buttons, stickers,
t-shirts.  These items are to be part of a
membership package that will be given to new
members of the GNOGP.

Green Party of LA (GPLA) representatives:  At the
most recent GPLA Coordinating Committee meeting,
GNOGP's Jason Neville and Cheryl Easton were
elected as co-chair and secretary respectively. 
Elections and antiwar working groups were formed. 
GPLA is working on gaining accreditation as a
Green Party of the United States (GPUS) affiliate.
GPUS has made commitment to ethnic diversity a key
requirement for accreditation, so GPLA is working
to meet this requirement.  The next GPLA
Coordinating Committee meeting will take place on
April 26.  GPLA membership is $25, or $10 for
low-income individuals.

Sustainable Transit: Jason Neville is in the
process of drafting a 7-point plan be submitted to
the Regional Transit Authority upon completion.

Antiwar working group: This group continues to
coordinate its actions with other antiwar orgs
(nolastopwar, C3, Pax Christi) and to elicit
members' participation in local antiwar activism. 
The following upcoming events were announced: (1)
C3 is sponsoring a demonstration on Saturday,
February 15 at 12 PM.  The demonstration will
begin at Armstrong Park and end at Jackson Square.
(2) Ben Gordon informed us that a delegation of
Jesuit priests are to meet with Sen. Mary Landrieu
at some point in the near future to speak in
opposition to the proposed invasion of Iraq. (3)
Steve Godfrey has organized a Black History
Celebration to be held at the Neutral Ground
Coffeehouse on Sunday, February 9 at 12-7 PM,
which will benefit the reparations cause. GNOGP to
table this event.


Election of Tabling Coordinator: John Kearney was
elected tabling coordinator.

Contact list policy: A motion was passed that
contact list info not be shared with other
organizations unless individuals have expressly
given their permission for us to do so. 
Membership coordinator to update outreach
materials to include a "share my info with other
activist orgs" option.

GNOGP Position Papers: Position papers on relevant
topics to be generated once a month.  Reproductive
rights position paper to be completed shortly,
draft to be submitted to interested members for
discussion and revision.

Voicemail options/cost: A motion was passed to
defer action on this item to the next CC meeting.

Newsletter: To be put this on next CC meeting's


Neutral Ground/Black History event: Motion passed
to give Steve Godfrey $25 to help promote this

Next Coordinating Committee meeting: Sunday,
February 2nd at 7 PM, at Fair Grinds Coffeehouse
upstairs meeting room.


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