Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes

_Minutes of GNOGP General Membership Meeting 10/26/02


o  Treasurer's Report:  Balance stands at $5.24 as of 10/25.  The bulk of
pledges and donations have been going to paying back rent for the Palm St.
office; $225.00 was paid in the month of October, with an outstanding
balance of $450 remaining.

o  State CC Provisional Reps' Report:  The State CC voted to endorse the
Stelly Plan, which is to eliminate state sales tax from food, utilities, and
prescription drugs.

o  Sustainable Transit Committee Report:  The committee has produced
organizing packs which will be used to elicit grassroots support among
transit riders.  Darlene (343-6365 or ) is the contact
person for this task.  Members of the committee also met with Karen Parsons
of the Regional Planning Commission and discussed issues related to the
furtherance of the committee's goals.


o  General Membership Meeting Time/Place:  Consensus at this point is that
Sunday afternoons at The ARK, beginning at about 4 or 5 pm, is a good time
and place to meet.  This was discussed with and okayed by ARK representative
Wes.  Cost of meeting at The ARK will be $10/hr.  A motion was passed
setting the meeting time/place for Sundays at 5pm at the ARK.

o  Committee for Community Based Economics:  A motion was passed authorizing
the Secretary to inform CBE coordinator Mike Kaplan of the Party's intention
to narrow the scope of the committee.  Upon speaking with him, the Secretary
learned that the committee had not been active over the past few months and
that Mr. Kaplan wishes instead to dissolve the committee.

o  Antiwar Activism:  Art Carpenter introduced a motion authorizing the
creation of an antiwar working group whose purpose will be to organize GNOGP
participation in the movement against war in Iraq.  Motion passed.  Art
Carpenter to coordinate the working group.

o  Changes to Bylaws:  The following motions were made:

   I: Motion to strike language in article VII of the Bylaws which
reads, "Coordinators may not serve as party officers, chapter
representatives, or coordinate more than one committee at the same time."
This motion passed.

   II: Motion to eliminate the entire section in the Bylaws headed
"State Party Representative," with the understanding that new language will
be written into this section at a later date.  This motion did not pass, as
it was seen as being unnecessary in light of the passage of Motion I.


o  Nomination/Election of State CC Reps:  Provisional State CC reps Cheryl
Easton and Jason Neville were nominated and elected as Representatives to
the Coordinating Committee of the Green Party of Louisiana.

5 members were in attendance.

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