Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes

_Minutes of GNOGP General Membership Meeting, 9/21/02_


    A. Treasurer (Bart Everson for Art Carpenter)
        - Balance as of 9/20: $25.26
        - $675 owed to Ron Fowler for rent
        - $13 collected at the present meeting

    B. Transit committee (Jason Neville)

        1. Hasn't been active in recent weeks, but activities will soon
include the following:

            a. Petition campaign: Collecting signatures from transit riders
urging construction of bus shelters (w/attached bus schedules)
at major stops.

            b. Committee is currently assembling information packets - for
use as visual aids in the petition campaign - which show photos
of bus stops in Europe.  This is to give riders an idea of what
proposed improvements to the bus stops would look like.


    A. Changes to Bylaws

        1. The following revisions in the GNOGP Bylaws were proposed for the
purpose of allowing an officer or coordinator to concurrently hold the
position of State Party Representative:

            a. A motion was passed to strike language in article VII of the
Bylaws which reads, "Coordinators may not serve as party
officers, chapter representatives, or coordinate more than
one committee at the same time."

            b. A motion was passed to eliminate the entire section in the Bylaws
headed "State Party Representative," with the understanding that new
language would be written into this section at a later date.

        2. These revisions will not take effect until well after the October
13th State Party Coordinating Committee meeting [*see
note].  Therefore, the GNOGP will be unable to send official
representatives to the meeting.  Instead, interested GNOGP members will
attend the meeting in an unofficial capacity.

    [* According to the GNOGP Constitution, changes to the bylaws "must be
read at two consecutive general meetings before they are adopted
or rejected." The second consecutive meeting at which the proposed
revisions are to be read is on Oct. 28th.  The State Party
Coordinating Committee is scheduled to meet on Oct. 13th.  Because all
candidates for the position of State Party Rep are either Officers or
Coordinators, the Party will be unable to elect a State Party Rep
until October 28th, assuming that the proposed changes to the
Bylaws are adopted.]

    B. Office moving & clean-up

        1. clean-up (painting of front of warehouse as per agreement with
landlord) to take place on Saturday Sept. 29th.

        2. office equipment and furnishings to be moved from the Palm St.
office on the afternoon of Tuesday Oct. 1st; to be stored in Bart
Everson's basement.


     A. Proposal for Organizational Improvements of GNOGP [see OrleansGreens
post 1630 for details]

        1. Newsletter

            a. cannot go into production until monetary resources become
available (GNOGP treasury almost empty; landlord must be
paid, fundraisers to be held prior to publishing newsletter

            b. simplicity, cost-effectiveness, consistent quarterly
publication seen as being essential attributes of the newsletter

        2. Committee on Community Based Economics

            a. it has been suggested that the mission of this committee be
narrowed to the production of a Green Business Guide.  No action on this 
item was taken; CBE coordinator Mike Kaplan was not present at this meeting 
and was therefore unable to provide input on the matter.

        3. Membership Coordinator
            - will contact the membership to solicit membership dues.
Members to be contacted via email, letter, and phone.

        4. Education
            - Jason Neville to contact John Clark about progress on
establishing a film series & speaker series.

        5. Campus Organizer
           - Evelyn Goss to attempt to find someone at Loyola to perform
this function

        6. Office
            a. Proposal was made to indefinitely postpone the search for a new
office.  Motion passed.
            b. John Kearney is no longer charged with the responsibility of
finding permanent office space; Motion passed to empower Mr. Kearney to choose the 
location of general membership, CC meetings.


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