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GNOGP: Minutes

Minutes of General Membership Meeting of 6/9/02

Issues discussed:

o  OFFICE SPACE.  Mike Kaplan spoke about issues surrounding our 
current office space, issues such as lack of running water, potential 
for water damage to office equipment and furnishings, and the 
organization's inability to date to keep up with rent (we're 
currently $575 in arrears).  The observation was made that it is 
perhaps not viable to continue operating in the current location.

Advantages to retaining the office were also discussed, those being 
the potential for outreach to the surrounding Gert Town neighborhood 
as well as to the nearby Xavier University student population. 

No action was taken on the issue.  The Office Committee will continue 
to look at all available options. 

o  ART GOODTIMES.  A recently-elected county commissioner in 
Colorado, performance poet, and chair for the accreditation committee 
to the GPUS, Art will be in New Orleans from July 12-16.  The 
possiblity of involving Art in a fundraiser at Cafe Brasil or at 
Neutral Ground Coffee House was discussed.
[Art Goodtimes bio: ]

o  STATE GP FOUNDING CONVENTION.  The GNOGP will host the convention, 
which will most likely be held over Labor Day weekend.  Discussion 
centered around choice of venues for the convention, The ARK and the 
Zeitgeist Theater being the two main facilities under consideration.  
The cost of booking either facility will be ~$100.  Using The ARK for 
the convention was seen as being problematic because of its lack of 
air conditioning.  Members voted to make obtaining the Zeitgeist the 
highest priority.  The next meeting of the state organizing committee 
is to be this coming Saturday, June 15, in Alexandria. 

o  GREEN KITCHEN.  The next Green Kitchen is to be held at 7 PM this 
Sunday, June 16, at 3229 Banks St.  Suggested donation is $4.  For 
more information, contact Josh Scalf at 821-9827.  
*Josh, our Fundraising Coordinator, points out the need for more 
fundraising events.  Ideas, suggestions and individual initiative on 
this matter are welcome.

o  GNOGP BYLAWS.  These are posted at .  Comments 
and proposed revisions are being solicited and will be heard at the 
next GNOGP meeting.

o  ELECTION OF OFFICERS.  Cheryl Easton elected as Outreach 
Coordinator, with Ben [__] to act as assistant.  Joe Wagner elected 
as Interim Secretary, to serve during Heather Morgan's absence
this summer.  Most positions are still open; further election of officers 
will be held next meeting.  Description of officers and committees 
can be found in the GNOGP Bylaws [see link above].

o  YUCCA MOUNTAIN.  Hal Dean spoke about the government's plan to 
transport large amounts of high-level nuclear waste cross-country and 
dump it at Nevada's Yucca Mountain facility.  All are encouraged
to write their senators in opposition to this 
scientifically/rationally/morally indefensible plan.  [for more 
information, see Public Citizen's report on the matter at ]

with Mike Kaplan as chair. Goals: Produce literature on community-
based economics; produce a "Green Business Guide."  Committee
to be held this Saturday, June 15, at 11AM.  

o  TREASURER'S REPORT.  $38 was collected at this meeting,
bringing the current balance to $86.20.  Art Carpenter brings a couple of 
salient points to our attention, namely: 1) we are currently $575 in 
arrears with office rent.  2) The $217 raised in pledges and 
donations over the last month came from a total of only seven 
people.  Emphasized is the need for more pledge income.  Even if you 
can only afford to send in $5 or $10, do it  it adds up.

~membership in attendance this meeting: 15~

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