Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes

GNOGP Greens Business Meeting
January 13, 2002


Here are the minutes from our last meeting in easy-to-understand format.  We had
a really good meeting and got a lot of things done, so take the five minutes to
read about what happened.

This is my last report as Secretary; I will be out of the country for 4 months
and resigned at this last meeting.  Nominatinos are open for one month (until
next mtg.); only Heather Morgan nominated and accepted so far.  A new secretary
will be elected at our next meeting on February 17th (moved back one week).



*Treasurer's Report- Art told us that we raised about $1050.00 at the "Green
Party Jam" at Cafe Brasil.  $200 will reimburse the GP, about $100 will
reimburse event co-organizer Sam Price, and the rest will go to the Malik

We also owe Warehouse owner Ron Fowler $450 for rent (Nov-Jan).  Our balance is
about $550 (after reimbursements).  GP member and "Apocalypse Ball" organizer
Neal Guidry remined us that for every $10 Apocalypse Ball ticket the GP sells,
we keep $5.  This is a great idea for a fundraiser.  Call Steve 486-5134 for
more info.

* Endorsements-- Independent Candidate for District C LJ Goldstein was our guest
and soliticited our endorsement.  After an intro and a Q and A session in which
he stated that he supports the ten key values, we voted unanimously for
endorsement.  We also voted  unanimously to endorse District E candidate Wayne
Johnson, who had been endorsed by us in the past and who participated in the
Voter Registration Drive.  Wayne Johnson is an independent candidate.

* Roe v. Wade Event-- Campaign volunteer Adam Wilson asked for GP endorsement of
a Roe v. Wade celebration on Jan 22.  We voted unanimously to endorse the event,
which gives us table space at the event and also asks us to distribute flyer for
the event.

* Malik Campaign Update-- Jason gave a report on the campaign.  He is resigning
as camapign manager, and volunteer Al Campbell will take the spot.  Jason told
those in the group that didn't know Al that he was a competent, intelligent,
committed individual who would do a really good job.  Jason also talked about
the successes of the Voter registration drive that registered over 100 people to
vote in the election, and encouraged every GP member to get more involved by at
least taking home some flyers, newletters, and yards signs.  He also encouraged
members to do some door-to-door canvassing. 

Al also gave an introduction and said he would focus on keeping the GP informed
with campaign activities via Bart.

*Non-Violence Training-- GP-sponsored event happening this weekend at Xavier. 
Speace still available.

* Green Allinace-- First-ever meeting of redical contigent of new GPUS being
held in New Orleans this weekend at Loyola, 9-5 on Sat and Sun.  GP leader in
Chicago to speak to GNOGP about getting better organized Thu 1/17 at GP office
in Mid-City.  Tonya Jordan will be preparing food and housing is still needed
for out oftown guests.  Email Art for more info:

* Apocalypse Ball-- mega-bash at Warehouse having a cleanup day Sat. 1/19 10-4. 
Great fundraiser idea, not to mention a great time.

* Consitution.  We approved articles I and II (of six) of the proposed
constitution.  Article I passed unanimously without changes, Article II passed
with one "nea" with one change.  Visit to view the constitution.
* Coordinating Committee-- Because it hasn't been meeting or have been very
organized, we voted to suspend the CC until our 2/17 meeting when we can disband
it, or make it smaller, or make it more specific.


1. Elect new secretary: Heather Morgan nominated; nominations still open.
2. Coordinating Committee
3. Vote on new Membership

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