Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes

GNOGP Minutes

April 1st, 2001

Facilitator: Pete Gollnick

Secretary: Jason Neville

   1.Intros/ Moment of Silence 

     Time/Place of next meeting: April 22 (Earth Day) 5PM @ Colesium Park

     Facilitator: Jason Neville

   2.Citizens for Change and Ms. Williams moved ahead on agenda as our guests (New Business) 
        a.Antoinette/Ilona from Citizens for Change 
              i.Town Hall Meeting (1025 Napoleon Ave, 6PM; invited Mayor, Councilpersons, Senators) 
             ii.Because there is no ratepayers bill of rights, no one should be disconnected 
             iii.CFC wants investigation of Entergy 
             iv.151 businesses disconnected in February 
             v.Bill of Rights includes: 30 days to contest bills 
             vi.Protest/DEMO/Vigil: April 17th 1432 N. Miro 6PM 
             vii.Activist party, April 21 @ Community Book Center (217 N. Broad) 5PM 
                  1.After NO-FTAA demo

     Tonya empowered to speak on GNOGP behalf @ town hall meeting

        a.ACORN/ Lower Algiers Community- Ms. Eloise Williams [398-1565] 
              i.Toxic wastes in water are health hazard to community (samples from ground water in community; traced to Mobil) 
             ii.Class-action suit filed against Mobil(?) in Civil District Court on March 19th, 2001 
             iii.April 13th (Good Friday) March/Rally @ 3300 Dickens

   1.Treasurerís Report 
        a.Art told landlady weíd be out by May 15th, 2001 
        b.Landlady said sheíd pay $190 for the last 4 months energy 
        c.Fundraising needs to contact pledges 
        d.Collected [$60]
        a.May Day Rally @ Congo Square (Thursday 5/1) 
        b.Star Wars: Vigils to begin @ Stennis Space center 
        c.Citizens for Change: 
                  1.Town Hall (4/2) 
                  2.Candlelight Vigil (4/17, 6PM) 
                  3.Network Party (4/21, 5PM)
        d.Lower Algiers Environmental Group DEMO (4/13, 6PM 
        e.NO-FTAA Group meetings need speaker (Tonya empowered) 
         f.!Cambio! will need DEMO supports 
        g.No Green Kitchen 
        a.Committee Reports 
              i.Office- [none] 
             ii.Membership- [none] Bill Uicker resigns as coordinator; 
                  1.Steve Godfrey empowered to coordinator 
                  2.Better access to databases
             iii.Cool Ideas [none] 
             iv.Outreach [none] 
                  1.GP sponsored "Turning Point" roadshow, though we made no financial comittment 
                  2."Dylan Reimbursement" put on next agenda
             v.campus [none] Jocelyn in process of putting together meeting 
                  1.Wayne Johnson contacted re: endorsement follow-up 
                  2.Richard McCarthy contacted re: city council bid
             vii.fundraising [none] 
            viii.organizational [none]
        b.Office Relocation 
                  1.Committee favors Hope House for $$$; disadvantage is lack of permanence 
                  2.Steve/Ben asked to get arrangement s in writing from Hope House/Warehouse
                  1.Secretary empowered to write a letter explaining reported occurances of strike-breaking in Seattle
        d.Elections Committee Processówithdrawn 
        e.Jeffís Fast (April 12th) 
                  1.Doesnít need GNOGP endorsement 
                  2.Potluck Tuesday 4/3 Wren St 6PM 
                  3.Jeff does want people to visit him in solidarity 
                  4.Need people to schedule road trips/fasts
        g.FTAA rep 
                  1.Tonya empowered to speak at rally on 4/23

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