Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes

GNOGP General Meeting
March 18, 2001

Facilitator: Steve Locke
Secretary: Jason Neville

1) Introductions
2) Treasurer's Report ($47 raised)
a) Letters not sent already
b) Office committee empowered to resolve entergy bill (GNOGP paying for 
neighboring tenant's energy)
3) Announcements
a) DEMO: Lifer's Association (in Angola prison for 20-40 years) [SAT. 3/24 
10AM @ State Capitol]
b) DEMO: NO-FTAA; Ambassador will be @ WTC [MON 3/19 @10:30 near WTC]
c) "Remembering Omran Bus Tour" [THU 22, FRI 23 @ UNO, Loyola and Tulane]
d) Alliance for Affordable Energy [THU 22 10AM @ City Council]
e) People's Concert [WED 28 THU 29 FRI 30 @UNO]
f) Loyola Greens: Eco-Entertainment[WED 21 at Loyola]
g) ACORN strike in Seattle
h) New Issue of Synthesis/Regeneration
i) Ken Riley/ Charleston 5 Presentation [FRI 23 /SAT 24 @ CLU]
j) Entergy notification (for participation in investigation) due by MON 19
k) Anti- Star Wars: Bruce Gagnon [THU 29th @ Loyola]

4) Old Business
a) Office: workers needed
b) Membership: info mailout (to whole list)
c) Outreach: co-sponsored "Turning Point Roadshow", Green Documentary; NEEDS 
recommendations for politically- oriented films
d) Campus: Jen Ellis not around; Jocelyn volunteers for job; Green Group @ 
Dillard; suggestions for inter-collegiate network;
e) Elections: three meetings to dicuss Newberger recommendation; copies of 
meetings available
f) Media: [none]
g) Fundraising: no meetings since apacalypse ball; AP fun and great 
experience thoug not  financially sucessful; events needed; suggestion that 
calls be made to the membership
h) Orgnizational: [none]
i) Cool Ideas: Jeff will be having fast (membership very supportive); Erin 
will take leadership and
i) Ask Jeff to show up/ write letter to group for next meeting
ii) Come up w/ proposals for support

Entergy: MTG @ Flora's [MON 19 6PM]
j) program: [THU 7:45PM @ Stallings 125] went through GPUSA plan, next 
meeting will go through ASGP plan

Office Relocation: group moves to authorize the treasurer to inform the 
owner of 1500 Prytania that we will not newrew our lease and will vacate 
premises by May 15, 2001 (16-0-0)(motion to table until 4/1 fails [2-15-0])

Group moves that Steve Godfrey and Ben Gordon (and any other interested) 
will 1) investigate possible places for a new office and 2) report on these 
possibilities to the membership on April 15 and 3) organize our move to new 

*group decides to move Jerry's recommendation up on the list (12-0-1)

Jerry's Endorsement: Jerry Presented a brief biography and there was a Q&A 

*Motion to adopt EC recommendation (against endorsing Newberger).  
Discussion.  Vote: 11/4 (motion passes)

Replacing Bart Everson on State Coordinating Committee
Les Evenchick nominates himself.  Vote: 10/0/2 (motion passes)

5)  New Business

Item: E-list.  Tabled until next meeting.


Bart Everson gives (final!) State Coordinating Committee report.  [See 
minutes of that meeting for details]


Ron Fowler
ACORN-GNOGP relationship (re: Seattle strike-breaking)
Elections Committee Process
Antoinette (Citizens for Change) re: Entergy
Erin will have proposals
Jeff will be present or have sent letter

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