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GNOGP: Minutes

GNOGP General Meeting
 January 21 2001

 Facilitator: Erin Schroeder
 Secretary: Jason Neville

 I. Moment of Silence/Introductions
 "Ecological Wisdom" (Erin)
 - "Fundraising" and "SCC Report" moved to 1st and 2nd items in Old Business
 II. Minutes Accepted
 III. Next Mtg.: February 4, 2001 (7PM @ Office)
 IV. Treasurer's report (hat passed: $36 raised)
 V. Announcements:
 - "Green Kitchen" 1/28 @ 1107 Fern St., 7PM
 VI. Old Business
 A. Fundraising- next mtg. 1/27, noon @ Rue
 - problems with pledges (not all of membership contacted; averaging 
 - February will bring more opportunities (Apocalypse Ball [February 23] and 
 Mardi Gras)
 - Treasurer Art C. not so optimistic
  motion to empower Mike to solicit volunteers and work on Apocalypse Ball 
 Project; carries
 B. SCC Reports- (from 12/17/00 meeting)
 1. Membership- request to dissolve committees; carries
 - each local should designate membership coordinator: Bill Uicker so 
 2. Incorporation- NO reps voted to dissolve, other two groups voted for "do 
 nothing now"
  motion to wait until end of SCC report for questions; carries
 3. Bylaws- Cypress/Moss plans presented; feedback received; LAF/BR Greens 
 delegated responsibility of elaborating plans
 4. Accreditation- info/discussion only
 5. Treasury- Tonya tried to contact Treasurer, Treasurer not responding 
 (apparently doesn't want job)
 6. "Local Issues"- added to SCC agenda
 7. Proposed 'Coalition for Voting Reform"; Frank wrote informal proposal
  Tonya suggests "Green Plan for Electoral Reform"; motion to be interested; 
 8. State-Wide Assembly- coordinator needed for State-Wide Assembly Working 
  motion to announce on web and nominate next meeting; carries
 9. Incorporation Revisited
 C. Today's SCC Meeting
 - Frank brings re-structuring proposals, but too informal
 - ANC: Jonathan Lovitt from GPUSA "Building Sustainable Green Locals"
 - Jason volunteers to call Mr. Lovett

  motion to limit committee reports to 3 minutes; carries

 D. Committee Reports
 Office- need for formalized schedule; meet after mtg.
 Membership- meeting TBA (membership = 72)
 Outreach- making sure members attend other groups meetings
  Feb 8th Colombia Anti-Escalation Group mtg.
  Angola 3 Coalition feat. Juvenile Justice Proj., Moratorium 2000 (2/1 217 
 N. Broad)
  Meeting in BR re: merchant power plants (drawing from aquifers; 
 deregulated; polluting, etc.)
 Campus- [none]
 Elections- fielding candidates in Dist 100/86
 Media- no such committee?
  suggestion for a print publication
  extension (5 min.) carries
  meet after mtg. for PR stuff
  membership needs developing (priority #1)
 Organization- initial draft of bylaws expected at next meeting
 Cool Ideas- * motion for 10 minute limit; carries
  protest (1/18) rained out
  Tonya spoke at City Council meeting
  Meeting moved from 10AM till 1PM (more than 50% of the people left)
  Entergy gave proposal (created with Utilities Commission)
  Introduced "relief plan"
  Tonya delivered statement w/ Les' request to find where Entergy buys it's 
 energy from (no response from Council)
  Statement deleted from Public Access TV
  motion to extend 5 min; carries
  Sat. (1/20) in T-P: CC will consider re-municipalizing utilities
  Agreed to "investigate possibility"
  Upcoming meetings:
  1/23 2:30 PM and 10AM (Utilities Commission)
  Tue. Night: 222 N. Roman (St. James AME Church)
  Wed. 10 AM CC mtg. re:merger
  Tue. Small rue @ 5PM
 - 5 min extension
  Flyer on standby in case of demo
  @ SCC mtg. Frank suggested taking Entergy up on loan programs
  request to have written request (into investigation) sent to Council
  Strategy: ask CC to direct Entergy to answer the question
  Cool Ideas recap
 E. Living Wage
 - request for hard-copy distribution

 VII. New Business
 A. Green Plan for New Orleans
 - John accepts nomination for plan development


 - Discussion of GNOGP Constitution
 - Discussion of ACORN letter
 - Office Space Report
 - SCC Report (?)

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