Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes

GNOGP General Meeting
Minutes (11.12.00)

Facilitator: Craig Higgins
Secretary: Jason Neville
Attendance: 20

I.      Introduction/ Moment of Silence/ Acceptance of Agenda
II.     Time/Place of Next Meeting
		- motion to defer until end of meeting
III.    Treasurer's Report/ Hat Passed ($21.16 raised)
		- question of Maple Leaf benefit expense
		- motion to approve $104 expense; carries
			- need for structure re: treasury
IV.     Announcements
		- Jacquelyn (Loyola 7:30PM 11/14 #214 Bobet)
		- 'Facing the Apocalypse at Home' (11/16) Loyola Library
		- EarthFirst!/Green Anarchy (11/22)
		- Copy of Cornel West Speech Available
		- 'Buy Nothing Day'
		- ASGP Workshop (Dec. 8-10)
		- SOA Protest

V.      Old Business:

	Committee Reports:
		membership: met (11/10); we should consolidate contacts;
		outreach: (none)
		campus: (none)
		campaign: vote results;
		media: (none)
		fundraising: New coordinator, Virginia Poe

	- Office Space:
		- rent is $650; phone and electricity in our name
		- motion to renew 6 month lease; friendly amendment that we have someone sign
				    (Tonya; Craig; Jason; Art; Paul; Mike); carries
	**Motion to have SCC Report; carries
		- five people present officially; other non-voting people present
		- need consensus on incorporation issue:
			a) dissolve Green Party of LA, Inc.
			b) do nothing for now
			c) restructure
		- sample bylaws submitted for approval
		- next meeting: Dec 17th
	- N.O. East Special Election
		- qualifying 1st week in January
		- reccommendation to create committee to investigate potential candidates

VI.     New Business:

	- CLU Meeting (11/18)
	- Committee Appointments
		existing: membership; outreach; fundraising; media
		motion to create lists of what we need:
			- *parlimentary exploration (process) [Pete. Les, Craig]
			- *making the rent (pledges, dues, etc.) [fundraising subcommittee]
			- election/ campaigns committee
			- multi-media public access
			- *office coordination (Tonya, Christina, Pete)
			- agenda for campus committee
			- community receptivity-- ideas into action 'Cool Ideas Committee'
		motion to present recommendations on process, fundraising office coordination at
			next meeting; carries, one opposed
	- 'Officializing' Duties
		motion for committees and officials to prepare reccomentations for duties within
			two weeks; carries
	- School Supply Drive
	- Entergy (plans for deregulation)
	- Living Wage
		- ACORN began living wage campaign on (11/8)

next meeting 11/20 7PM, 1500 Prytania
facilitator: Bill Uicker

VII.    Adjournment

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