Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes

GNOGP Meeting Minutes
October 22, 2000

Facilitator: Jennifer Ellis
Secretary: Jason Neville
Attendance: 18

  I. Moment of Silence
 II. Introductions
III. Amendment to Agenda
 IV. Reading of the Mintues
  V. Treasurer's Report
	- suggestion to use hat $ for local commercial
	- discussion; decision to leave that topic to ŚNew Business'
	- hat passed, $65 raised
 VI. Old Business
	Les' Final Campaign Report
		- positive signs -- two precincts with 15% +
		- suggestion for meeting discussing critiques/suggestions
	Issue of Local Coordinator
		- suggestion to have one person to coordinate meeting-to-meeting
		- motion to choose one person (perhaps within the membership committee)
			create 'Meeting Coordinator' in Membership committee to 
			be delegated following responsibilities: ensure office is open; 
			ensure a person is available for new member orientation; 
			post agenda three days in advance 
			(Betsy Mathews elected Meeting Coordinator)
		Canvassing; econforum (11/2, 7:30PM @ ST. JUDE COMMUNITY CENTER; 
		invitations needed
		GP- LA letter should be discontinued (expensive and funds to'LAGP' 
		discussion: why can't LAGP use such funds?
			**we can't discuss this because there's too many legal issues
		Tulane Debates- Pocket Park (Oct 25) (melvin + matt)
		Loyola Debates (Nov 30th)
		- tabling Thursday sucessful
		Flyers available
	Local Coordinator Reports: 
		Nader Rally in Houston; Gore Rally in New Orleans
		- suggestions for next time (more fun 'enactments')
		Canvassing; Voodoo Fest (10/28); Urban League Talk; 
		Immaculate Heart Talk; 
		CLU Breakfast/ Angela Davis Talk;
		House Party (10/28) @ 900 S. Peters #13, 6PM
	State of the State: Bart
		push by Frank Neelis to meet the SCC; BRGP can't do it untill after the 
		election; perhaps the Membership Committee can meet to discuss 
		- motion to empower our reps. to set up a meeting: 
			In favor 15; abstaining 2 (motion carries)
VII. New Business
	- Local Commercial: motion to use hat money ($65) plus ($435) from treasury 
		to go towards local commercial [**Ben garuntees ($700) from individual 
		members (within one week)**] : 13; 4; 1 (motion carries)
	- Virginia Poe volunteered to be Fundraising Coordinator
	- motion to table discussion of endorsement of amendments II and III to LA 
		Constitution until next week's meeting; passed
	Facilitator/ Time/ Place of Next Meeting: Jen Ellis; 7PM 10/29
VIII. Adjournment

- amendment endorsement
- office space decision

Outreach Monday 10/23, 7PM @ OFFICE
Media Tuesday 10/24, 7:30 @ BIG RUE
Membership Sunday 10/29 AFTER CANVASSING

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