Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes

GNO Green Party
Meeting Minutes- October 8, 2000

Facilitator: Bill Uicker
Secretary: Jason Neville
Attendance: 25

I.	Call to Order
II.	Silent Reflection 
III.	Future Focus: Bart
IV.	Introductions
V.	Motion to Accept Proposed Agenda; passed

*Motion to move meetings to weekly (every other week business only) w/ timekeeper; passed (10-2)

	Next Meeting: GNO Office, October 15 (Facilitator: Mike Kaplan)

VI.	Treasurer's Report: Art Carpenter, Treasurer
a.	Hat passed: $40.62
b.	Money from CafÈ Brasil show "earmarked" for local campaign/materials
VII.	Announcements
a.	March in MS
b.	T-Shirts
c.	"Anecdote of Optimism"
d.	Benefit Show @ Howlin' Wolf Oct 19th
VIII.	Committee Reports
a.	Membership: letters to members
b.	Outreach: canvassing to begin this weekend; Post-Saints publicity (10/15)
i.	Next Meeting: Wed. 7:30 @ Office
c.	Campus: TU Debate 25th; LU Debate 24th
d.	Local Campaign: Calendar; solicit suggestions
e.	Media: Press Conference (10/6); Politically speaking (17th); Radio Simulcast (23rd-27th)
f.	Fundraising: Coordinator Needs Replacing
IX.	State Report: Tonya
a.	Move from more general strategy to specific (including specifically canvassing)
b.	Canvassing, 11:30AM @ OFFICE (10/14, 10/15)
c.	Reports from around the state
X.	State of the State: Bart
a.	21st of October: State Coordinating Committee Meeting
b.	Tonya elected SCC Rep (w/ Bart)
XI.	New Business
a.	Decision to purchase 100 T-Shirts ($220) 70 Sign ($160)
b.	PAC Advertising Melvin, Citizens for Progressive Action Committee (866-9196)
c.	CLU Breakfast: Megan Finn to rep. Greens (10/21)
d.	Austin Trip: Jason definitely going
e.	Motion to table GNO Contact/Coordinator until first meeting after election; passed
f.	Loyola Greens Meeting: 10/12, Danna Center
g.	Girard offers friend's restaurant "Hammerhead's" for election night
XII.	Adjournment

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