Please note that the Greater New Orleans Green Party ceased operations after the floods of 2005. A new group is being organized in 2016 under the name Green Party of New Orleans. Find more information about the current effort at, and feel free to browse this site ( which is being maintained as an historical record.

GNOGP: Minutes

GNO Greens General Meeting
Minutes, September 17, 2000

Facilitator: Les Evenchick
Secretary: Jason Neville
Members Present: 19 (at beginning)

- Call to order
- Announcement from John about Tulane facilitators 
  (why they didn't show)
-       Proposal of Agenda; accepted

I.      Introductions

II.     Announcement of Events
 a.     Friends of Avondale Forum: Tonya
 b.     Students for Environmental Action/ Social Justice (UNO)

III.    "Office Search" Report: Tonya
 a.     Office opening @ 1500 Prytania
 b.     Signmaking Tuesday 7:30PM (for office/northshore)
 c.     John volunteers answering machine
 d.     Joseph volunteers Macintosh computer/printer

IV.     Nader Campaign Report: Tonya
 a.     Local Coordinator Status' (LA)
 b.     GNO Coordinators Mentioned
 c.     Online events calendar
 d.     Austin Mega-Rally trip Thursday 10/19 (charter bus/plane?)
 e.     Suggestion by Wendy to generate media support for rally
 f.     Suggestions by John to: 
        1) consider other possible uses of money
        other than trip to Austin 
        2) invite Winona LaDuke to New Orleans
 g.     Green Platform Forum (Economic Policy) Wed. 27th of September
 h.     Mention of Cable Media Opportunity (phone number given to Tonya)
 i.     Reminder of downloadable flyer @
 j.     Student Presidential debate (10/4) @ TU Center

V.      Les Evenchick Campaign Report
 a.     No fundraising yet; $150 self-donated
 b.     Meeting w/ principal's union
   i.   Question often asked: "is the Green Party Greenpeace?"
  ii.   Interview w/ T-P on 9/18
 iii.   Assistance offered by Trish, Paul
  iv.   Sign-up passed to assist Les

VI.     "State of the State" by Bart
 a.     Mention of disorganization/ uncooperation
 b.     Mention of "volunteer nature" of State Coordinating Committee
 c.     In favor of open-committee (non-exclusive)
 d.     Mention of post-election state-wide assembly
 e.     Announcement of cancellation of state-wide gathering in ALEX
   i.   Purpose was in contention (campaign vs. state organizing)
  ii.   Cancelled by Frank Neelis w/o explanation
 f.     Mention to stay focused on positive local activities: Tonya
 i.     Reiterated by Mike, Jeff

VII.    Friends of Avondale Workers (10 min limit)
 a.     Report by Mike Howells, FOAW
 b.     Questions/discussions
   i.   What can Greens do? ÍHave workers speak to GNO Greens
 c.     Forum on 9/20 @ Tulane University

VIII.   Committee Reports
 a.     Membership
   i.   Creation of online membership database
  ii.   Motion to establish membership as "State member living in GNO";
 iii.   Motion to limit reports to 5 min.
 b.     Outreach
   i.   Meeting Monday 9/18 7:30PM PJ's on Robt. E. Lee
  ii.   Official goals forthcoming
 c.     Fundraising
   i.   Confirmation on 10/19 Howlin' Wolf Event
  ii.   Motion to use 2/3 of funds for GNO; 1/3 for Nader Campaign
 d.     Local Campaign - none
 e.     Media
   i.   Les' Campaign Press Release
  ii.   Announcement of "change of registration" media event
 f.     Campus
   i.   Loyola/Tulane voter reg.
IX.     Consideration for Bart as Local Coordinator, tabled to after

-       Motion to drop discussion; passed
-       Motion to allow member to vote on business
-       Les elected facilitator of meeting 10/1
-       Motion to have next meeting @ office 7PM, 
        new member orientation @6:30PM
-       $18 Raised (given to Bart)

X.      Adjournment

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